Exhibitions: 2017

Bunker Barmbek, Hamburg
heliumcowboy artspace, Hamburg

The works of Maren Simon titled ‘Findings’ depict a contemporary aesthetic of different references to nature’s infinite ways of layering and movement, using inks and acrylics to create systematical shapes and traces on the paper. 

The outcome is realised in the rich colours and textures of the merging and manipulation of these materials as they dry, Simon’s practice is an active mode of making through the ways in which the work is made systematically but no outcome will be the same to another piece.

These works reference the details that a microscopic image may give you, a close up of colour and texture that has a mineral like quality. On plain backgrounds these works allow for curiosity and intrigue. 

Something that caught our eye about the works of Maren Simon and in particular this series is the materiality of them and when looking at each piece, every time you notice something different. They are like a form of science, a growing of certain elements that create a new substance that you become in awe of.


The works titled ‘Findings’ were a component that helped to make up the ‘Study’ area of the fictional Botanist in the exhibition ‘The Best Bogus Botanical Garden’ at heliumcowboy artspace, Hamburg in March/April of 2017. Rosie Jenkins